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First of all, we just want to thank everyone for the warm welcome that CATDVD has gotten. The response has been incredible! Testify!! We are so happy when we hear from our fans about how much they have enjoyed watching!If by chance your cat hasn’t figured out how to watch CATDVD yet, don’t be alarmed. About 1 in 20 cats seem to take a little longer to “learn” how to watch television… and just like people, some cats like television and want to watch more than others. Even if your pet is not a total CATDVD addict, the sights and sounds are sure to be enjoyed by your cat on some level. If you want some hints and suggestions on how to help your kitty watch and enjoy, check out our Support section, especially the FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) section.If your cat is like most, within just a few minutes your cat discovered CATDVD and was hooked. This section is dedicated to our biggest fans, those furry friends that just love CATDVD.So to that end, we want to hear from our fans! Testify!!

  • Send us your testimonials of how your pet enjoys CATDVD. (Feel free to write it in the voice of your pet!) Have fun with it… be creative!
  • Send us pictures of your pet (or pets) enjoying CATDVD! You could see those pics right here! Just email us your pics or videos of your cat enjoying CATDVD to furryfriends@catdvd.com.
  • If you are REALLY motivated.. we would love to get video clips of your pet or pets enjoying CATDVD! These will almost definetly make it on our website… and we might even include your clips on future videos!

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Sammy was never a TV watcher. Most of the time she was quite happy lounging on her purple pillow in the window sill. Now that we bought the CatDVD for her, she watches TV with us all the time!! As far as human programming goes, she seems to be an avid Will Smith fan but CatDVD is certainly her favorite. The best is to come home and catch her staring intently at the television with that sideways head look ( AKA schoompy sideways face). I’d recommend it to any cat owner (and I have)!! (sent via email)

Ok, I have never seen my cat sit in one place for more than five min. My friend let me borrow this and I am impressed! He tries to jump into the tv all the time. Also, this is a plus since he loves to bite me. Ever since last night he hasn’t bit me. He is also usually quiet and now he’s meowing at the tv, with or without CatDVD on. Whoever made this is a genius! Make more!!!!! This rocks!!! – TiggersDVD (from the CATDVD Chatboards!)

Thank you for the fantastic Cat DVD! The DVD came through (warning mature content)The Dawn and Drew Show! especially for our four Invincibles cats. We have put up a video and podcast (#6) that includes footage/description of our kitties watching your fantastic Cat DVD. It’s at: (warning mature content)www.theinvincibles.org
We simply LOVE the Cat DVD. Initially, only two of our cats seemed to care for it. However, only one of our four cats had ever shown an interest in television before. Since we’ve been playing the Cat DVD, all FOUR cats have decided that it is well worth watching. We recommend it to all of our friends with cats or dogs. It’s a FANTASTIC idea. Thank you so much for introducing our kitties to it.

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CATDVD cat video ordering button

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We have viewed your cat dvd and think it a terrific entertainment tool. Not only does our cat whiskey love to watch the birds- i enjoy having the music on while i am reading a book. Great product !!!!!


Fluffy loves your new DVD so much that everytime we leave the house we have to put it in or he cries. My cats favorite is the laser pointer party. Also the repeat a chapter mode is excelent for my cat. Its such a great DVD; the dog even loves it. Thanks so much for this great product and please make more.



There are a lot of CATDVD fans out there… see what some of them (and mainly what some of their owners) Are saying about CATDVD:

My kitty pickles,enjoying his video. – Kimberly F.

  • Who says cats don’t watch tv? L.O.L.!

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  • Mooney is hooked!Hurray for kitty!
  • Maggie May is totally hooked on CATDVD.
    When I wake up in the morning, Maggie used to walk up to me and lead me right to her food bowl. Now, she walks me to the television! -Pam
  • Dude, my cat loves the dvd! It was funny. I put it in and she wasnt too interested, just thought it was some other movie I was watching. She saw something zoom out of the screen (one of the birds) and was hooked! She looks at the tv now waiting for me to put it back on. She’ll try to follow the birds or the laser pointer out of the screen…haha. what she really likes (in case you go to make another one or something) is birds flying around and squirrels dashing around. She likes the laser and fish too. …. All in all, this thing is great! well worth the price. great idea. later. (She really likes the bees too because they are small and random in there movement. )-Jim R. (for his cats Napolean and Giselle)

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Baby Autumn got CATDVD for Christmas and loved it immediately! She enjoyed the sounds, the squirrels, but her favorite was the laser pointer chapter!! Thanks CATDVD for making our critter happy!!-Lynne and Mike

  • Here are some pictures of Cujo enjoying CATDVD…. keep those pictures coming!

    The cats in this household will concur with – “This DVD Rocks!!” – paws down. I was so excited when it arrived over the weekend. I had to play it immediately.
    The boys loved it!! They watched it both independently and together. For their viewing pleasure, I pulled the coffee table to the television set, so they could watch in comfort. One of them sat on a chair and watched for awhile and I was so tempted to pour him a glass of milk. The other wanted to lay down on the sofa to watch. (Just like the male gender!!) I believe they have yet to pick a favorite part. They loved it all …Thanks, CatDVD for all these hours of viewing pleasure!! -zoeyandtaylor (from the CATDVD Chatboards!)

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GreyGray is not a happy cat. GreyGray’s owner did no get him CATDVD. Don’t you know a cat like GreyGray? Make your cat a happy cat. For GreyGray’s sake, at least!

Cats really do watch!

This is it! This is the cat video you & your kitty have been looking for! The one & only CATDVD pet movie… and you can get it for only $19.95!

Turn on the tv and your kitten will love the show! Who needs catnip? Try catdvd!

Makes a great gift!

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Turn your speakers up… so that the realism is heightened, put a chair, box, etc. in front of the tv so that they have access, and let them be. If you have pets who did not pay attention to the TV (like mine), just give them a while. Once they recognize the squirrels darting across the screen, or hear the birds chirping at the feeder, they won’t be able to get enough! My cat watches TV all the time now, just wishing that it was CATDVD on the screen. (especially if you are going out for the evening) This video is great!


After being told that CATDVD will work for dogs. I decided to order to give it a try for my dog Hamlet.I wasnt expecting a lot since Hamlet is a pug an has the attention span of a gnat. To my suprise he loved it. He will sit on the sofa so he is eye level with the tv so he can watch. His favorite part is the laser pointers,but he also loves the squirrels,but doesnt like that he cant find them when they run off the screen! I have to keep an eye on him though when he watches, since he does have a habit of attacking the tv. Which in turn a pug trying to charging the tv is a funny site to behold. -Rob

I never thought my cat, Fibber, would be intrigued by a dvd for cats, but i gave it a try…I couldn’t believe what happened when i put it on!
It wasn’t on for more than a few seconds when he looked up and proceeded to try to get INSIDE the TV!!!
It’s a blast to watch him and I thank you for such a great product!!!

-Terry Guzowski and Fibber