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Media and Press – CATDVD is quite simply the ultimate in pet entertainment. The quality and scope of the content, and the options presented to the consumer, are unmatched in the industry. Over 3 years in the making, CATDVD represents the advancement of Pet-Directed Entertainment to a new level of professionality and hollywood-quality production. To that end, the response to CATDVD and has been overwhelming. Our goal was to provide a superior product to pet lovers everywhere, and we will continue to strive to make our website an invaluable resource for the online pet aficionado community. We welcome any and all media and press inquiry regarding CATDVD and/or Simply contact our media relations department

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CATDVD in the Press

Pet Age mentions CATDVD as a new product for cats!! Check us out in the November 2005 Pet Age Magazine

Cat Fancy mentions CATDVD as a new product for cats!! Check us out in the November 2005 Cat Fancy Edition

Cats Magazine is an annual put out by the publishers of Cat Fancy We appreciate the feature on CATDVD, and the magazine has a lot of great pet gift ideas!

Columbus Monthlymagazine article about CATDVD!

CATDVD on Houston WB TV!
WB 39, KHWB TV, ran a piece about CATDVD! If you have seen anything about CATDVD in your area, let us know about it!

As seen on G4 Television!
Yes, a CATDVD fan called in to the G4 Network show ScreenSavers and recommended as a Gem of the Internet!
They wanted proof that cats would watch (must’ve not seen the
section) And wondered what was on the DVD (must have not seen the Samples or the About CATDVD pages!)…. but they seemed to like it!

G4 ScreenSaver FeatureJust click on the picture here to see the clip on the show or visit the episode page on the G4 ScreenSavers website. Sarah said something like she would buy it if we just proved cats like it… we’ll be waiting for the order, Sarah… cuz cats love CATDVD!