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CATDVD General Questions

What is CATDVD?Quite simply,CATDVD is much what the name implies. It is a video that was specifically designed to entertain Cats. Cats are very curious and very observant by nature… a cat in the wild would hunt and stalk, and even its play would advance these skills. The footage in CATDVD is designed to catch a CAT’s attention and provide it with both audio and visual stimulus. It really does work.. Cats who watch cat videos seem to follow the objects on screen with their eyes, and some cats will attempt to paw at the screen, or run behind the television to try an see where the mice and things they see on screen are running off to! CATDVD was nearly 3 years in the making; each clip of footage, each sound effect… was tested and made sure to excite our test cats. Not all cats will react the same way, but all cats seem to show some sort of interest in the footage we have carefully selected to put in CATDVD.Is CATDVD easy to use?YES! The best part about CATDVD is that it’s just so super-easy to use! Just place CATDVD in your DVD player and after 60 seconds, it will automatically start playing forever until you stop it. (You can order now by just clicking here) Not only is CATDVD easy to use, but we also designed it with advanced features so you and your pet can enjoy it in many different ways!What sort of things can I expect to see in CATDVD?There are 15 chapters in CATDVD, making up almost 3 hours of all exclusive footage. The content is many of the things you would expect to interest and entice a cat… birds, fish, mice, cat toys, laser pointer footage, crickets, butterflies… all acccompanied by the sounds sure to excite a cat to watch and become interested in the activity that is going on onscreen.

Each of the 15 chapters of CATDVD are made up of 4 diverse sections that vary the content up even furthur. With 60 total sections to watch, for a combined lengh of almost 3 hours, you can be sure there will be plenty of varied content, and something to please almost every cat.

Will my Cat watch CATDVD?About 19 out of every 20 cats should find CATDVD exciting. Every bit of footage in CATDVD has been tested with actual animals, and only footage that gets a response has been included. Although every cat may not like every piece of footage, there is sure to be plenty of footage to please every cat!Is CATDVD any better than other cat videos on the market?In our honest opinion, yes. Here are just a few resons why:

  • Many of the other cat videos were filmed for video cassettes, and were simply dumped to DVD. They lack the all-digital quality and vivid color that makes CATDVD look so good and attracts most pets. The same goes with the sounds… most of the other pet videos lack the high definition sounds that really can attract a Cat’s attention.
  • No other pet video on the market has all the playback options that CATDVD has. With CATDVD, you can just put it in and it will automatically play after a short introduction. If you prefer, you can choose to play back each chapter randomly, or play straight thru from beginning to end and wach with you cat. You can also choose to just repeat one chapter of CATDVD .. allowing your pet to watch only the part that they really like!
  • None of the footage that you will find on CATDVD is available anywhere else. All of the footage was filmed exclusively and specifically for CATDVD.No other video on the market offers the CATDVD Laser Pointer Party footage, nor the CATDVD Cat Toy Ballet footage… and we have tested every bit of footage on our own pets to ensure that it entices and excites cats to watch.
  • No pet video on the market offers the audio options that you will find on CATDVD. You can choose to play just a sound effects track.. the best choice for when your cat is watching alone…. a music track, which makes CATDVD a perfect choice as background video for people, especially those in the city or individuals unable to get outside… and there is even a combined sound effects plus music track.. so that both a pet and a pet owner can watch and enjoy CATDVD together.
  • No other video can compete with the quantity or quality of footage that you will find in CATDVD. While other pet videos loop their footage over and over, repeating the same snippets, CATDVD has nearly 3 hours of all unique footage. It took us nearly 3 years to film, edit, and master all the footage you wil find in CATDVD, and the variety and quantity of what you will see is simply stunning.

Put it all together and it is easy to see why no other pet video can come close to CATDVD.

Do dogs like to watch CATDVD?Yes, it is true! CATDVD is not just for cats. Although CATDVD was designed for cats, we have discovered through testing that dogs enjoy CATDVD as much as cats do. You can visit our page dedicated to dogs and CATDVD by clicking here.How Do I Navigate through the CATDVD Menus?Remember… you don’t have to do a thing to get CATDVD to start playing. CATDVD was designed to start playing AUTOMATICALLY after it is put into a DVD player and it has time to start up!! However, we also packed CATDVD full of options and advanced ways you and your pet can enjoy it! When you get your copy of CATDVD we want to encourage you to explore CATDVD and discover everything it has to offer. And if you need help, there are even in-depth help screens available to walk you through – helping you maximize you CATDVD enjoyment.What if CATDVD just isn’t right for me or my pet?If at the end of all of this your cat still shows no interest in CATDVD we have a few options for you.

  • Take your copy of CATDVD and donate it to a local animal shelter. A gift like this could provide large amounts of enjoyment for many pets that have to stay in cages for long hours at a time.
  • Another option is to give it to a friend who has a pet… it really is an awesome gift!
  • If none of these options sound good to you, we will happily refund your money,less shipping & handling. Simply return CATDVD to us within 30 days of purchase and we will process your refund. Send all returns to:
    CATDVD Returns
    1601 W 5th Ave #176
    Columbus, OH 43212
    Returns must be sent with all original packaging and contents, as well as a note describing: why you are returning our product; purchase date; means of payment; and the name and address of the person the transaction is under. A phone number and/or email address would also be helpful in case there is a problem processing the request. Credit Card transactions will be refunded only as a credit on the card that was charged; all other refunds will be issued as a check. Please allow 3-4 weeks for refunds to process.

I can’t get my cat to pay attention to CATDVD. What should I do?Don’t be alarmed if your Cat doesn’t pay attention to the screen right away. Watching TV might be something new for your furry friend, and like all new behaviors, it must be learned. We have found a few really fun and easy ways to help your cat discover how to watch CATDVD. To encourage YOUR cat to watch CATDVD, try the following:

  • First things first… prepare a SAFE WATCHING ENVIRONMENT! Nothing that can get broken and nothing that can hurt the cat should be in the area. Cats do tend to climb, jump, and pounce… be prepared!
  • Make sure the TV is accessible to your cat. We advise that you move a chair or ottoman close to the TV so that your cat can paw at the activity on the TV. (CAUTION, WE DO NOT ADVISE THAT YOU MAKE THE TV TOO ACCESSIBLE TO YOUR CAT.. ESPECIALLY IF IT HAS CLAWS. YOUR CAT COULD GET VERY EXCITED WHILE WATCHING CATDVD AND MAY DO DAMAGE TO YOUR TV, EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT, OR EVEN ITSELF.)
  • Make sure there are as few distractions as possible in the room with you cat. Things like vacuuming, loud noises like radios, other pets,
    children, houseguests, cat toys, and large amounts of movement by you or others in the room can all take the attention of your pet away from CATDVD.
  • When you are getting ready to play CATDVD, go to the Options menu. From the options menu, select the SOUND EFFECTS ONLY button. This will make CATDVD play only animal sound effects when you play a chapter for your cat, and not the accompanying music. We have found this is the most effective way to get your cats attention at first… you can graduate to music with sound effects once kitty gets the hang of it.
  • Try turning the volume up on your TV a little louder than usual.. especially once a chapter begins to play. We find that this will often be enough to get your cats attention and help it watch CATDVD. Of course, don’t play it so loud that you upset the neighbors or damage anyone’s hearing.
  • If you are still having trouble getting your cat to watch, we advise you to play a few select chapters in CATDVD. These chapters have proven to work for most all cats, kittens, and even dogs. From the CATDVD main menu choose the SELECT CHAPTER button. Then select the chapter with mice on screen. This chapter, (which we call MULTI-MICE MAYHEM) seems to be one of our most successful at getting the attention of even the most stubborn of cats. A few other chapters to try with your cat are Chapter 1, BACKYARD BIRD BUDDIES, Chapter 5, CATDVD LASER POINTER PARTY, and Chapter 12, CHUBBY CHEEKED CHIPPER CHIPMUNKS. Another thing to keep in mind is that if your cat enjoys playing with cat toys, try Chapter 13 CATDVD CAT TOY BALLET.
  • Try taking a favorite toy of your cats and hold it up to the TV while CATDVD plays. Try to mimic the movement on the screen with the cat toy and see if that will get your cats interest.
  • A final thing to keep in mind when using CATDVD is that you should think of CATDVD as an interactive toy that both you and your cat can use together. Make it a favorite past time for you and your cat to share… so that the next time you play CATDVD your cat will
    be excited to hear and see CATDVD!

Problems with playing the DVD

I can’t get the DVD to work in my DVD player. What can I do to fix this?
There are many reasons why a DVD may not play in a DVD player… These are a few things that you can check. If none of these help, contact the manufacture of your DVD player.
  1. CATDVD is formatted for Region 1 DVD players. This means that CATDVD will only play on DVD players manufactured or sold in Region 1. Region 1 consists of all US and Canadian territories.
  2. Check to make sure the power cable to the DVD player is plugged in and that the outlet has power.
  3. Check to see if you are using a power strip or surge protector and that the power switch on that is turned on.
  4. Check to see if the the DVD player is properly wired from the DVD player to the TV.
  5. Check to make sure the CATDVD label on the DVD is facing up when placing the DVD in a DVD player.
  6. Check the CATDVD surface to make sure it is clear of any smudges or scratches. Clean DVD surface if necessary.
  7. If an error message appears on your TV or on your DVD player turn the DVD player on and off and try to play CATDVD again.
  8. If an error message still occurs consult your owners manuel for your DVD player because there may be a problem with your DVD player.

I can hear my CATDVD but there is no pictures… what is wrong?

  1. Check to make sure the video cord on the back of the TV is securely plugged in to the DVD player and in to the back of the TV.
  2. Check to make sure the TV is turned to the proper channel… This may vary for DVD players so we advise you to check your owners manual to figure out what channel the TV should be turned to.

I can see my CATDVD on TV but there is no sound… what should I do?

  1. Check to make sure the audio cables in the back of the DVD player are securely plugged in to the DVD player and in to the back of the TV.
  2. Check to make sure the volume on the TV is turned up.

Questions about ordering and customer service?

If you are having trouble with placing an order for CATDVD please email us at our product support department.

If you are having trouble receiving an order you placed with CATDVD please let us know. Please provide us with your name, address, date your order was placed, and method of payment used when you contact us.

If you are having trouble with your credit card or you are concerned with a charge that appeared on your credit card, contact us at 1-888-214-0716. Please note: The toll-free number can take orders and deal with Credit Card and Online Check issues only; They can not issue refunds or offer tech support or provide customer service for CATDVD.

How can I order CATDVD? What are my payment Options? Ordering by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, or Online Check?
You can order 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
Just click here to order.

You can also order CATDVD by calling our toll free number 1-888-214-0716.

Ordering by Certified Check, Money Order, or Cash?
Simply mail your payment and shipping information to the address provided on our Product Ordering Page

Sorry, no C.O.D.s or personal checks

How much is CATDVD?CatDVD has a suggested retail price of $24.95. The almost 3 hours of footage is the best quality pet video on the market, which was nearly three years in the making. As a special to our online customers, CATDVD is being offered at an introductory price of only $19.95… This should offset any charges for shipping!

Can I ship my order anywhere else other than the United States?CATDVD is formatted for region 1 DVD players. This means CATDVD will only play on DVD players in the United States and Canada. Therefore CATDVD should only be ordered from people intending to use it in North America. We only ship to the United States unless you send an email to our shipping department
and make special arrangement for purchase, payment and shipping options.My CATDVD order is a gift. How do I ship to a different address?To avoid potential credit card fraud and protect our customers from unauthorized charges, CATDVD only ships to the address where the credit card bill is sent. Mailing and shipping address must be the same. Even if you are ordering as a gift, we can only send your copy of CATDVD to the address provided at the time you place your order, and that adddress must match your billing address.After I place my order with CATDVD, How soon can I expect it to reach my door step?While we can not make any promises on the side of the shippers on how fast they get CATDVD to you, we can promise that CATDVD will ship out within 48 hours of receiving your credit card or online check orders. In cases where Certified Checks or Money Orders are used as forms of payment, it may take longer to process your order (we have to wait for approval from the banks). All orders may require a signature upon delivery to insure that CATDVD makes it to the right place and in the right hands.How secure is my personal information that is submited to www.CATDVD.com?All information submitted to www.CATDVD.com is used only for CATDVD. We do not give out your information to anyone and will stay confidential to CATDVD. Your email address will not be given out to SPAMMERS or mass emailers. We know that CATDVD members hate SPAM as much as we do and do not want anymore junk email on our -or your- computers. The only time we might use your email address is to inform you about ordering issues or to inform you about other products offered by CATDVD.