CATDVD and Support

Don’t get us wrong. CATDVD was made for cats. It was tested by cats, and we love our cats. The office cat, Maggie May, gave a big whiskery smile and big paws up to every sound and video clip on the dvd.That’s why we call it CATDVD!

But …. in the office here, there is also another furry fellow who came running every time he heard the CATDVD music… and he is not a cat.

Buddy is a Golden Retriever, about 4 years old… and he loves CATDVD.

I mean, this dog LOVES CATDVD!

He wags his tail, he sits in front of the screen, he growls and barks at the screen, he stands on his hind legs and tries to get at the CAT TOYS or the laser dot as it moves around.

As far as Buddy is concerned, CATDVD is BuddyDVD.

To be perfectly honest, we were going to make another DVD just for dogs… but the dogs that have seen CATDVD love it so much… there really is no need!

Now then… you may not want to leave a Great Dane alone watching your tv….. and the last thing you probably want all excited is a Husky or German Shepard trying to get at the squirrels in your television when you’re not around… but I can tell you, It sure is fun watching my dog go nuts for CATDVD!

I especially like to pretend to grab some of the animals or objects off of the screen and run away with them, or even just follow the objects with my hands, like I am about to grasp a chipmunk or bird right out of the TV screen.

You really ought to try it. We may have designed CATDVD to be the purrrrrr-fect video for Cats, but dogs really think it’s grrrrrrrrrr-eat, too!

order CATDVD

Come on, you know the perfect dog who would go nuts for all the squirrels, birds, chipmunks, mice, hampsters, crickets, exclusive LASER POINTER, and Cat Toys (I mean Dog Toys) footage… Just click here or on the box and you can have the video right away….. woof WOOF woof!!!!

You can always claim it was a gift, or that you bought it for yourself…

And your doggie will thank you!

After being told that CATDVD will work for dogs. I decided to order to give it a try for my dog Hamlet.I wasnt expecting a lot since Hamlet is a pug an has the attention span of a gnat. To my suprise he loved it. He will sit on the sofa so he is eye level with the tv so he can watch. His favorite part is the laser pointers,but he also loves the squirrels,but doesnt like that he cant find them when they run off the screen! I have to keep an eye on him though when he watches, since he does have a habit of attacking the tv. Which in turn a pug trying to charging the tv is a funny site to behold. -Rob