See a sample of catdvd!

We know a lot of you are probably wondering what a cat video might look like. So, we put together a few screenshots of the menus and different chapters of the video so you can get some idea of what CATDVD looks like.We have also included a 60 second video clip for you to enjoy, a CATDVD sneak preview, so to speak. Please keep in mind a couple of things when watching the sample video:

 • The quality of web-video is much poorer than the all-digital full resolution video that is on CATDVD

 • The size of the video is much smaller than it will appear on your television.

 • The speakers in your computer are probably not as high a quality as those on your television… for that reason, and because of the smaller size of the  video window on a computer, cats usually don’t watch the smaller video off a computer screen.

 • The video montage clip provided is too short to allow your cat time to see the objects onscreen

 • All of these considerations mean that YOUR CAT WILL PROBABLY NOT WATCH THE SAMPLE VIDEO off of the computer….

We aren’t including the sample footage to get your cat to watch your computer screen (you wouldn’t want to leave your computer on for your cat to watch all day) We’re including the sample footage just to give you an idea of what CATDVD looks like.

15 Chapters of all original footage ONLY in CAT DVD

CATDVD Screen Shots and CATDVD Sample Video

The clip above features the sound effects PLUS music track. CATDVD has 60 tracks total!

The clip above features the sound effects ONLY audio track. CATDVD has many advanced playback and audio selection features, and fully animated and narrated help menus to teach you how to use all of CATDVD’s fun features.Here are a few screen shots from CATDVD. Click on any of them to see a larger image.

This is a short 60 second clip made from actual scenes taken from CATDVD. To download the movie file, just click on the image. It is a Quicktime movie, and requires the Quicktime plug-in to view. The file is about 10.2 megs, so download may take a while on computers with slower internet connections. There is no audio on this track.Like what you see? Wait til you see the real thing.. The sights and sounds of CATDVD really will excite your cat. Want us to send a copy of CATDVD to your furry friend? Then what are you waiting for?
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