CatDVD Cares

Every purchase makes a difference!

We love our pets. We would do almost anything to keep our pets happy, healthy, and safe. Some people might accuse us of spoiling our cats, of pampering our pooches.

To those without pets, I can only say it’s a pet-owner’s thing… you just wouldn’t understand.

But not all animals are as lucky as ours. There are humane shelters filled with animals that don’t have good homes. Old, sick, or simply unwanted animals are turned away from homes of people either unable or unwilling to provide care.

Though the odds are against many of these animals, there is hope… hope in the form of organizations who are trying to make a difference in the quality of life of our pets. There are rescue shelters dedicated to taking in stray animals and caring for them, trying to place these animals with loving families. There are individuals, who, with no thought of award or recognition, work tirelessly to provide aid and relief to animals that are less fortunate.

Since we were making a product to enrich the lives of pets with good homes, why not also do something to try help out less fortunate animals, and perhaps even recognise organizations working to help our animal friends in need?

And that is how the CATDVD Cares Program was born.

It is a simple idea, really… giving a small portion of each sale of CATDVD to a charity, organization, or individual whose service & efforts are intended to benefit the well-being of pets in crisis or need.

The CATDVD CARES program is our way of trying to recognize people and organizations who are making a positive difference in our furry friends lives. The CATDVD CARES Award program is dedicated to recognizing these indivisuals for their efforts and thanking them.

So- to those of you who have made a purchase of CATDVD, you have already helped, at least a little, in aiding pets who will rally benefit from your efforts. If you want to do more, consider a donation or volunteering with a shelter or rescue center in your neighborhood. Please, do not send any donations to us or through us; instead, please contact your local charities or shelters and make all your donations directly to them.

We will continue to post the recipients of the CATDVD Cares Award in this space. If you know of any organizations who might be a good candididate for a future CATDVD Cares, Award, please take the time to drop us a line.

We know that these efforts that we are making can only do so much, but every little bit adds up. Perhaps, thanks to your support, we can help make a difference.