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Anyone who owns a pet knows that the love and the companionship that a pet can provide is priceless.

Our furry friends provide us with so much and ask for so little in return.

The impact that a pet can make on a person’s would be hard to measure… but sometimes our pets need a little something in return.

Marion Couple receives first ever Cares award

In the hustle and bustle of todayÍs disposable world, itÍs nice to see someone taking the time to care for the safety and welfare of one of AmericaÍs most vulnerable populations„our pets.

ThatÍs why the makers of CATDVD have created the quarterly Cares award, which designates a portion of the proceeds of the sales of CATDVD to a worthy cause. The award is designed to recognize individuals and organizations whose service and efforts benefit the welfare and well-being of our beloved pets in crisis or need.

For the spring of 2005, the First ever Cares award will be awarded to Marion residents Jessica and Tony Sylvester, a couple who cuuretnly shares their home with six rescued cats and three dogs they also helped rescue. The Cares Plaque and a check will be presented to the SylvesterÍs home in Marion, Ohio on Friday, April 8 2005 at 5:00 p.m. by president, David Casto. The couple and their pets will be available for pictures and/or interviews at that time.

Here are just some of the animals that have benefited from the SylvesterÍs Compassion and Love of our Pets:

Mia a Rottweiler mix which was abuse/neglect case at the Human Society in Marion, adopted in the summer of Í99. Katie a Rott mix puppy, mom was poisoned, adopted from family in late Í99. Bryce a farm kitten, adopted from family in Í00. Mattie stray kitten, was adopted from another kind person who had taken the kitten in temporarily, adopted in Í02. Chloe Mattie’s mom, a stray, originally took her in just to get her spayed and vaccinated, but adored her and kept her, in Í02. Frankie a stray farm kitten with a terrible respiratory infection and eye condition, adopted after being rescued from a farm in Í02. Gordon a stray kitten who had been shot at with BBs in a trailer park, rescued from the League for Animal Welfare. Ella abandoned by her mother at just a few days old, rescued by a friend and adopted by Jessica and Tony. Janis and Joplin retired racing greyhounds, sisters from the same litter, adopted from Team Greyhound in Í03.
Geddy a flea-bitten kitten adopted from a cardboard box found outside a Wal-Mart in mid Í04. Sting a retired racing greyhound, adopted from Team Greyhound in late Í04

The number of animals rescued is a testament to the difference that one couple can do. While we at CATDVD our proud to have designed a product that entertains pets that are loved and cared for, our mission includes aiding animals that are not as fortunate.

CATDVD is an exciting new product… a DVD designed for Cats to watch and enjoy. CATDVD features hours of unique cat-tested footage such as mice, butterflies, birds, fish, squirrels, hamsters, cat toys, laser pointers and more. ItÍs television designed just to entertain cats and was featured recently on the cable TV show ñScreensaversî on the G4 Network.