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We may not get 10 billion hits a day here at, but every hit we get is from a pet owner or someone who really loves animals.

We may not sell a million CATDVD videos, But every one we sell is sent with the hope that we are sending it to someone who will enjoy it with their pet (or pets) for years to come.

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The CatDVD Box

We never set out to be the biggest, or to sell the most.. we only set out to be the best!

We welcome inquiries from companies who are interested in advertising on We do reserve the right to whom we choose to market with, and will not advertise or promote any company that has questionable business practices.

If interested, you may also inquiry as to inserts (such as coupons) That we may insert into each copy of the actual Video, or partners for co-sponsoring the catdvd Cares Award Program

All preliminary advertising and marketing inquiries are handled by email.

Please send all relevant details to our advertising relations department

would love to find partners in such fields as pet food, cat treats and toys, cat nip, kitty litter, and pet-health related items.catdvd, cat dvdlove catdvd, cat dvd