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Unlike some of the other Cat Videos you see on the market, we do not take the same footage as the competition and repeat it over and over in 10 different video products with different names.

100% Pure Exclusive Cat Video!

Our video was made from scratch using the latest digital video and audio equipment to give you and your cat a convincing all-digital picture and high fidelity sound experience everytime!

Our exclusive video footage… like CATDVD Laser Pointer Party © and CATDVD Cat Toy Ballet © will drive your cat crazy!

Check out the Video samples and you’ll see why we are your pet’s #1 Video choice!

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Cats really do watch!

This is it! This is the cat video you & your kitty have been looking for! The one & only CATDVD pet movie… and you can get it for only $19.95!

Turn on the tv and your kitten will love the show! Who needs catnip? Try catdvd!

Makes a great gift for your vet or the pet sitter!

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CATDVD is quite simply the newest and most entertaining video designed for your cat to watch. That’s right… this is a video designed especially for your pet to enjoy!

So…. what exactly is on a pet video? Anything and everything that might excite a cat or kitten and keep its attention for those long hours when it is alone or kept inside.
CATDVD is the perfect video that you can simply pop in your DVD player. (We made it so easy to use, that it will even play automatically) You just let CATDVD play and it will mesmerize your cat for hours on end. CATDVD has video segments that you won’t find anywhere else.. and everything you see was tested with real pets for ultimate viewing excitment! Every mouse running around, each butterfly fluttering in and out of the screen, all of the bushy-tailed squirrels, each mesmerizing goldfish, and every single quirky chipmunk has been cat-purrfected and kittycat approved!!!

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But don’t take our word for it….. we think the awesome content speaks for itself. We are proud to present to you the names and screen shots of each of the 15 chapters in CATDVD.

That’s right… CATDVD is HUGE!!! There are 15 chapters in CATDVD, and every chapter is made up of four pet-pleasing sections each…. that is a HUGE total of 60 sections – almost 3 hours – of all exclusive all-digital content designed to excite your cat!

Just wait until you see your pet loving our exclusive CATDVD Cat Toy Ballet © Chapter and the hypnotizing CATDVD Laser Pointer Party © Chapter that contains footage that you won’t find anywhere else… and every minute of CATDVD is designed to excite even the sleepiest of kittens!

Once your cat discovers CATDVD paying on your TV screen, it will probably sit in front of the tube for hours! With CATDVD, even if you need to go to work, your cat won’t be bored when its home alone.

CATDVD is like bringing a park, the woods, and an aquarium indoors as your cat’s personal playground.

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Doesn’t your cat deserve CATDVD?

Cats sure seem to get bored, lonely and depressed when there is nothing to do and we are too busy to pay attention to them! Just imagine how easy it would be to pop CATDVD into your DVD player and know that your cat just might be entertained and happy till you come home!

There may be other cat videos on the market, but there is only one CATDVD! Why suffer with that old, low quality video, with poor sound and picture that just repeats the same old stuff… and doesn’t even keep your cat’s attention very long. With our unique video techniques, and our attention-getting pet-tested sound effects, your cat may never get bored! Plus, with the nearly three hours of ALL EXCLUSIVE, ALL DIGITAL footage that can be seen ONLY ON CATDVD, you can rest assured that you just found the world’s best pet video… CATDVD is the video that your cat will want to watch again and again! Doesn’t YOUR furry friend deserve the best? CATDVD is without a doubt the best video for pets that has ever been made! Don’t take our word for it… show it to your kitty and see how they react!

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The ultimate DVD for your cat is here!

What are you waiting for? Your Cat is going to love CATDVD!

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Have a dog? Guess what?

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The cats in this household will concur with – “This DVD Rocks!!” – paws down. I was so excited when it arrived over the weekend. I had to play it immediately. The boys loved it!! They watched it both independently and together. For their viewing pleasure, I pulled the coffee table to the television set, so they could watch in comfort. One of them sat on a chair and watched for awhile and I was so tempted to pour him a glass of milk. The other wanted to lay down on the sofa to watch. (Just like the male gender!!) I believe they have yet to pick a favorite part. They loved it all …Thanks, CatDVD for all these hours of viewing pleasure!! -zoeyandtaylor (from the CATDVD Chatboards!)
CATDVD the video and CATDVD.com were created and are ran by cat enthusiasts just like you! We thought the quality of most pet-oriented websites out there on the internet just simply were not “up to par” with the rest of the online world.. and that just about all the videos we could find that were designed for pets left a LOT to be desired.

So… we set out to create the best video and highest quality website, that you and your pet could ever hope to see! CATDVD.com is where you will be able to go on the internet and discover the finest products for cats (and their owners).

We are proud to introduce our flagship product, CATDVD. This is the PREMIUM cat video that will keep your cat happy for hours at a time!

If you would like to contact us for any reason, please visit our contact page and drop us an email, we would absolutely love to hear from you!


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